Falling Joys 




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The Clouds – Jodi Phillis & Trish Young

Jodi and Trish from the Clouds talk about Falling Joys and Wishlist


The Clouds’ debut album, Penny Century, came in at #10 in our countdown but their heart lies with the record that came in at #36.


“Twelve beautiful, melodic, pop/rock songs with such a lot of love inside,” is how Jodi Phillis describes the Falling Joys debut. “My fave songs are ‘You’re in a Mess’, ‘Fall’ and ‘Lock It‘.”


Wish List is one of those albums where you don’t consciously set out to learn the words but you find yourself knowing them whenever you hear any of the songs,” says Jodi’s counterpart, Trish Young. 


“There’s something so uplifting about all of the tracks – the lilting melodies, Suzie Higgie’s impossibly warm voice and Pat, Pete and Stuey’s beautiful tenor counterparts; the toughness and delicacy of the guitars, and the compelling rhythms. The lyrics range from political to poetic, and are always personal…Every note feels like a friend I share the best of times with.”


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Trish recalls being a Falling Joys fan before The Clouds had even formed. “I met Suzie before I met Jodi, because I bowled on up to her one night at the Cricketers Arms to tell how much I loved her band,” she says.


“I still remember how excited I was the first time The Clouds played with the Joys. Of course, after that we shared a stage with them so many times, and when they were playing I’d be down the front, watching them and dancing and singing my heart out.”


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