Falling Joys 


The A-Team


There have been so many people behind the scenes who have contributed to the Falling Joys journey. In particular our love goes to our sound engineer/tour manager beloved Greg Weaver who we lost in 2019 and our wonderful tour manager/friend Steve Pauner who we lost in 2010. We miss them every day, and will never forget their dedication, skill, friendship and the fun we all had together for so many years.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way – And to name just a few – 

Adrian Bolland – Engineer/Producer ‘Wishlist’, Jessica Corcoran – Engineer/Producer ‘Psychohum’, Paul McKercher – Engineer/Producer ‘Aerial’, Sound Engineers -Tim Whitten, Matt Crosbie, John Harvey, Phil Punch, Adam Chapman, Boxcar, Tony Cohen
The A – Crew – Brian Chladil ‘Smash’ – Manager, Management – Michael Glendinning, Mathew Macnamara ‘Matrix’, Baz Barrett ( Lights) Kelvin Flanders (Stage) Steve Varga (Stage), Piltzy (Sound)
To Volition Records – Andrew Penhallow, Chris and Leah,
To our publishers – Roger Grierson ( Universal Music) and Gary Seeger (Peer Music)
To our guitar Wizards – Piers Crocker and Colin Bloxham
To all the photographers over the years, in particular the awesome Tony Mott, Robyn Murphy and Tim Bauer 
Enormous gratitude to all the journalists and magazines over the years and the great venues we’ve played in.
We would also like to extend a huge thank you to Ken “Duncan” Yoshida Mah for designing and pulling this website together for us! You’ve been brilliant Ken! 
And a special mention to Mrs Jean Higgie (Suzie’s Mum) for meticulously keeping all our reviews from over the years, which can be seen in our reviews page. Thanks Mum!
But of course – to all our fans over the world – thank you for all your support and we love you!
More photos coming soon!
All pics by Suzie except black and white Jess Corcoran.

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